The Spinnanker was originally developed for the foundation of the intelligent avalanche barrier system Snowgripper (see picture 1). The conventional anchor technology was in most cases inadequate due to the dynamic stress. We were searching for a stable solution, which on the other hand is easily to mount. The solution should fit especially for both ground situations - non.cohesive (sandy gravel)  and cohesive (clayey silt) ground in alpine areas.
The project basically started as a midget model in a sand box (see picture 2). The next step was a model in scale 1:4 (see picture 3). A first milestone was set with the pull-out test of the first prototype in a snowfield. The very first Spinnanker was born.
To use the Spinnanker in a much broader way the development had to be continued. Together with the scientific institutes of Technical University Darmstadt and Graz, and the academic centre alpS, a comprehensive research project was launched.
A multiplicity of pull-out tests was done with the result that the Spinnanker foundation is proven and safe. More than that, the scientists were enthusiastic about the performance characteristics. Immediate load-bearing, above-average load acceptance and high residue load are just some positive aspects.
Highly motivated due to the good results the product development was continued. Main focus was the easy and safe installation, in particular the high torque machine for screwing in treaded rods. Together with experts an exclusive machine was developed for Spinnanker. The previous highlight was the incorporation of the company in April 2012.




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